Sean Nobayo

S’Nob Sean Nobayo is on a mission to bring “Made in Africa” fashion to every closet around the globe. After many years of dabbling in other designs, in 2012, founder and designer Elvis Sanya, founder and creator of MODASH, launched S’Nob, a celebration of traditional African wax-print fabrics, with a high-fashion aesthetic. S’Nob wants to transform modern men into models of unique style and, on a deeper level, the brand promotes the economic and cultural development of Cotonou, Benin, and the rest of Africa.

S’Nob caters to all, offering a unique collection to people who want to show off a style unlike any other, those that want to wear clothing with a story, people who themselves have a story to tell. S’Nob pieces remind the rest of the world that, in Africa, haute-couture is possible too. Every piece’s identity shows that, in the fashion world, people are beginning to see the spark of unique fashion styles igniting in African countries.

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